How To Choose The Right Crane Size

The most important factor you should consider before making a crane purchase is what size is necessary for getting the desired tasks done. Not all cranes are big enough to lift certain weights over extended distances. Don’t invest in a crane that wouldn’t suffice for your project.

Determine the weight and distance

The first thing you should do is determine the weight of the load you’re looking to lift. Once you do that, plan out the distances you want to move the load over. Longer distances will affect what kind of crane build you’re going to buy.

Calculate the lift moment

Next, calculate the “lift moment” rating you require. The lift moment defines how much weight a certain crane can lift at a particular distance. To calculate the lift moment, multiply the weight of the heaviest object you need to lift by the distance at which the lifting will be done. Once you obtain your lift moment, you are able to peruse crane options for finding the perfect one to satisfy your demand.

Looking for a truck crane for sale?

BIGMAX small truck cranes are a good alternative to Hiab cranes. Hiab is one of the well known crane manufacturers of mid to large size and specialty cranes (such as wall board cranes). The company continues to focus on this segment of the market and has reduced its range of small cranes to only 4 models in several markets, including Canada.

By comparison, Drive Products, one of the primary distributors of small truck mounted hoists, offers a complete range of hydraulic truck cranes through its BIGMAX brand. The company specializes in bringing small cranes to market, and providing superior service for buyers of small, compact cranes. BIGMAX currently includes 7 models in the TC series alone and covers its whole product range with an industry-leading 2 year warranty.

A BIGMAX truck crane has many features and advantages compared with a Hiab mini crane. For example, while the BIGMAX TC350 has been offering 4 hydraulic extensions with a side reach of 19’5”, the Hiab 033T, as all other Hiab small cranes, continues to be offered with a maximum of 3 hydraulic extensions reaching only 15.7 ft.

Truck Mounted Cranes in Canada

Hydraulic Truck Cranes for Sale in Canada and USA

Small crane manufacturer Drive Products supplies a quality line of compact hydraulic truck cranes. They are known for their expertise with small cranes and provide their customers with the attention and service that is hard to find with larger crane dealers in Canada and the US.

The BIGMAX TC100 is the smallest of these hydraulic or electric truck cranes. This compact crane has proportional controls for all functions including lifting, slewing, and extension.  There is also one extra fourth control function which can be used for hydraulic outrigger stabilizers, winches, etc.

The small footprint is one of the key features of the compact TC100 which stows completely in just over two square feet of deck area.  The boom, which extends to 9.2 ft. from the center line of rotation, retracts to only 3.9 ft. and can lift 1,760 lbs at this point.

Hydraulic Truck Crane Inside Van

Bigmax Hydraulic Truck Crane Inside Van

With the compact size of this crane, it makes it possible to mount inside the doorway of a van in order to swing a load in or out.  The TC-100 will also lift in an overhead space of only 5.5 feet above the surface of the deck with the boom in a horizontal position.  This crane can even be installed on a vehicle as small as a 1/2 ton truck.

These hydraulic truck mounted cranes have been an excellent choice for light delivery vehicles or any vehicle that has to operate in a tight space.

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Truck Cranes For Sale in Canada

Small Truck Mounted Cranes For Sale – Always in stock and ready to ship

Drive Products is known for their expertise with small cranes for trucks or boats and gives small crane buyers the attention and service they deserve.

The crane company Drive Products first introduced the BIGMAX TC Series of small hydraulic truck cranes in 2005. Although these articulated cranes are compact and light weight, they are also very rugged and easy to install. The BIGMAX TC series of cranes are capable of lifting up to 5,000 lbs. with hydraulic extensions up to 19.5 feet. They are available in hydraulic (PTO) or 12 V DC electric models and are suitable for mounting on 10,000-18,000 GVW trucks.

Although commonly used as a truck crane, they are also widely used for a variety of applications such as on trailers, warehouse decks, small boats & marina docks.

Two of the most appreciated features of the BIGMAX truck cranes are the ease of operation and safety. Safe movement and precise placement of heavy objects due to the proportional controls is critical for most operators.  Also available are the optional wireless (radio) controls which give a single person the ability to safely lift and place any large object within the length of the boom.

Various sizes and styles of hydraulic outrigger stabilizers are also carried in-stock for immediate delivery with the cranes.

BIGMAX also provides an industry-leading two year warranty which make this another excellent reason why these are a popular crane for sale in Canada or the USA.

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Outrigger Stabilizers Supplied in North America by Drive Products

Small truck cranes and hydraulic outrigger stabilizers are now distributed to dealers and OEM’s (Original Equipment Manufacturers) throughout the USA and in Canada.

The BIGMAX line of stabilizers was first introduced in 2004 as an option to complement their compact BIGMAX electric or hydraulic cranes. Initially, only two models were offered which were designed for cranes under 20,000 ft lb rating.

Drive Products quickly became established as a relevant supplier of quality outriggers for truck cranes. Before long the company was also attracting inquiries for other sizes and types of outrigger stabilizers that were not associated with crane sales. To meet this demand, Drive Products added 7 additional sizes to their stock to increase the model range to nine.

Outriggers or Stabilizers Ready to Ship

Outriggers or Stabilizers Ready to Ship

Although originally a product intended to support crane sales, the outrigger/stabilizer sales have quickly grown into one of Drive Products’s major BIGMAX product lines.  Call 1-877-531-8644 Ext. 3 to get further information.

All outrigger stabilizers and small truck cranes can be shipped to Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas and anywhere else in the United States or Canada

Outrigger Stabilizer – Type H or Half Beam

Drive Products is a supplier of great quality hydraulic outrigger stabilizers.  The half beam or Type H outrigger provides an economical solution for stabilizing side-mounted equipment.

Hydraulic Outrigger Stabilizer - Half Beam

Type H outriggers are typically used on a truck chassis under 19,500 GVW and are suitable to support small cranes ranging in size from 2 to 4 t/m.

The drawing below shows the structure of this type of half outrigger stabilizer – it has one cross beam with one side extension and one hydraulic leg.

Drawing of Type H Outrigger Stabilizer

Drawing of Type H Outrigger Stabilizer










The half stabilizer comes in two styles – one is with a fixed leg for cranes under 3 t/m, and the second is with an adjustable leg for cranes from 3 to 4 t/m.

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Wireless Radio Controls for Cranes – How Do They Work?

A manually operated control valve is a standard component on all BIGMAX small truck cranes. Wireless controls are now available with 3 or 4 functions as a direct replacement for the original control valve supplied on the crane. The multi-function control valve has a flow control section with a flow divider that controls the operating speed of all hydraulic functions.

The electronic control valve is sectional and proportional. It includes man-sized emergency, manual over-ride levers to allow the crane to be operated manually in the event of an electrical problem, or if the transmitter is lost or broken. The wiring harness, which uses DIN connectors, is weather proofed for outdoor use.

The radio control system utilizes the proven Hetronic Hand Held MFSHL Series transmitter, and a multi section electronic valve providing proportional control for all functions. To operate, the function is selected by engaging a toggle switch, the speed is controlled by depressing or releasing a trigger.

The Hetronic hand held transmitter is available with 4 functions with or without additional PMW toggle switches for other non crane functions.

The transmitter is available with up to 6 toggle switches, three of which are used to operate the crane. The remaining switches can be supplied in various configurations from PMW momentary-on to 3 position type.

The additional switches are typically used to activate boom-mounted hammers, hydraulic winches and outrigger stabilizers.

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Affordable Wireless Controls Are Now Available for BIGMAX Cranes

Drive Products has just announced that it can now offer a Hectronic wireless remote control system that is suitable for small mono-boom and articulated cranes with low volume hydraulic systems.

BIGMAX has over 60 cranes in-stock at their warehouse in British Columbia ready for immediate delivery.  These cranes can now be shipped with affordable, reliable wireless controls. Additionally, any BIGMAX cranes with manual controls that are currently in service can be economically retrofitted with the new wireless control system.

Although radio controls have been common over the last 20 years on large articulated cranes, most of the smaller mono-boom cranes have been manually operated using the hydraulic control valve on the crane.

There are several reasons why wireless controls have been slow to be accepted for smaller cranes:

  1. While inconvenient, an operator of a small crane could still manage without remote controls. Small cranes have a shorter boom and therefore the load hook is usually less than 15 feet from the operator on the ground.
  2. Reliable FAA approved radio controls have been too costly to justify. In the past, adding wireless controls to a small crane meant increasing its cost by 50%. The option of supplying low cost controls (of garage door opener quality for example), was not a reliable and safe alternative.
  3. The few cranes that required radio controls had to be purchased with the equipment already installed at the factory with lead times of 90 to 120 days from Europe.  This delay was not acceptable to many crane purchasers.
  4. Radio controls could not be easily retrofitted to cranes in stock.

Reliability has been proven and Drive Products, a leader among small crane companies, has modularized the design of BIGMAX cranes to allow radio controls to be added at the Canadian warehouse, rather than at the factory.  This saves time and money which is passed on to their customers.

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Big News – Marine Cranes for Sale by BIGMAX Cranes

An important announcement has just been made by BIGMAX Cranes, one of the leading truck crane companies in North America. They have just announced the launch of a new line of marine cranes to be distributed in:

  • the United States
  • Canada
  • Central America, and
  • South America

Drive Products, marine crane specialists, have advised that Amco Veba articulated or knuckleboom marine cranes and the more compact BIGMAX telescopic cranes can now be ordered to service the following industries:

Commercial Vessels                                           Fishing Fleets
Government Fisheries and Oceans                    Military Patrol
Aquaculture Vessels                                            Fire and Emergency Response Boats
Tugboats                                                              Crab Boats
Marine Docks                                                       Private Fishing Boats

BIGMAX mono-boom telescopic cranes are smaller and less expensive.

Larger Amco Veba articulated cranes have a longer reach, higher lift capacity and the benefit of additional boom articulation.

Both the BIGMAX and the Amco Veba marine cranes offer many features that make them suitable for harsh marine weather and exposure to corrosive ocean conditions.

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Type ‘E’ Model of Hydraulic Outrigger Stabilizers

The Type ‘E’ model is the most common of hydraulic outrigger stabilizers that are used with cranes, aerial devices, digger derricks, boom trucks, etc.  The conventional cross beam has two side extensions and two hydraulic legs.

Type E BIGMAX Outrigger Stabilizer

Type E BIGMAX Outrigger Stabilizer

It comes with fixed, tilt up or adjustable legs and pilot-operated or manual lock valves. This style of outrigger stabilizers can be mounted above or below the vehicle frame and used as main or auxiliary stabilizers.

Drive Products offers five different styles of BIGMAX Type E stabilizers which are suitable for a varied range of applications and equipment.

You can gather more specific information on this and other stabilizers at